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Many features at your disposal

We do our utmost to offer you a quality tracking tool.

Monitorank is more than just an SEO position tracking tool

You will be able to track your competitors, study the TOP100 results with historical charts, detect your new competitors.

The tool is perfectly suited for teamwork or information sharing. Monitorank offers you a wide range of features, focused on position tracking for several search engines. We invite you to discover the video presentation of the tool to have an overview of the features.

Even if you don't come every day ;)

Monitor the positions of your sites and competitors on a daily basis

Track the positions of your sites and your competitors at no extra cost. Filter and analyze your data on several types of positions: AAP, zero position, Ads, local pack, images, videos etc.

Because it's not just Google

Many engines supported

You can track the keywords of your choice on several engines: Google (Search, Images, Videos, Maps), but also YouTube, Bing, Baidu and many more!

We track everything, really everything

We recover all types of positions

We show you your positions for all types of positions: natural results, zero position, AAP, Adwords, Google Maps blocks and videos etc. Graphs show you the evolution for each type.

Study the evolution of each keyword

Detail of each SERP

We keep the TOP100 results for each keyword, choose the period of your choice and analyze precisely each change.

Tip: Tidy up your keywords

Statistics by theme

Classifying your keywords in themes allows you to have dedicated statistics. Very useful to quickly detect if you fall or progress on one of them.

Positions on demand

Audit of positions

You can generate audits to have positions on demand, when you don't need daily monitoring.

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