Many features at your disposal

We make every effort to offer you a quality tracking tool

Monitorank is more than just a SEO position tracking tool

You will be able to hunt down your competitors, study the TOP100 results with historical graphs, detect your new competitors.

The tool is perfectly suited for team work or information sharing. Monitorank offers many features, oriented to the position tracking for several search engines. We invite you to discover the video presentation of the tool to have an overview of the features.

Even if you do not come every day;)

Follow daily the positions of your sites and competitors

Track the positions of your sites and competitors at no extra cost, choose the period of your choice and detect any changes, filter and analyze your data easily.

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Because it's not just Google

Of many engines supported

You can follow the keywords of your choice on several engines: Google (Search, Images, Videos, Maps), but also YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Baidu and much more!

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We track everything, really everything

We are all recovering the types of positions

We show you your positions for all types of positions: natural results, zero position, PAA, Adwords, Google Maps blocks and videos etc. Graphs show you the evolution for each type.

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For everyone to find his account

An interface customizable

You can show and hide the information of your choice and change the order of the elements. Each user to his own needs, adapt our interface to display the necessary information!

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Study the evolution of each keyword

Detail of each SERP

We keep the TOP100 results for each keyword, choose the period of your choice and analyze each change precisely.

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Tip: store your keywords

Statistics by thematic

Categorizing your keywords into themes allows you to have dedicated statistics. Very useful to quickly detect if you fall or progress on one of these.

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Positions on demand

Audit positions

You can generate audits to have on-demand positions, when you do not need daily tracking.

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Export your data

Generate customizable exports in several formats: CSV, PDF and HTML. Integrate your logo or that of your client to make the white label, activate recurrence to automatically generate future exports on a weekly or monthly basis.

Detection of new competitors

We analyze the top 100 results of each keyword to tell you which sites have the greatest hint of competition. You can detect the arrival or the strong progression of a competitor that you do not follow yet.

Free suggestions of keywords and positions

We offer keyword suggestions with the location of your site. These are keywords that you do not follow, but that may interest you.

Use the notes to see the ranking effects

Create unlimited notes and check in time if an effect is on the ranking. Visualize all your notes on a single view for a quick study.

Access multi-accounts and multi-users

Each member of your team will be able to access the account with their own access (no extra cost). You can set different rights (administrator, read-only) and limit access to projects of your choice.

Integrate your datas via our Full API

You can recover the positions of your sites and competitors via the API, but also manage your projects, create unlimited keywords! The Monitorank API is free.

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