Daily monitoring of positions of your sites and competitors

Analyze your statistics and watch the competition

Want to detect the slightest progression or fall of position? You are allowed that!

Whether you follow a few keywords or tens of thousands, we offer you an interface and features to detect any change in positions. Choose the period of your choice, arrange your keywords by theme to quickly see the evolution of your ranking.

Your sites and competitors at a glance;)

A summary for a quick study

Track the positions of your sites and competitors at no extra cost, choose the period of your choice and detect any changes, filter and analyze your data easily.

To adapt to your needs

Accurate and customizable tracking

Follow the keywords of your choice for different versions of the engines (FR, CH, DE, COM) and for the desired support (computer or mobile).

You can also specify for some services the desired location to simulate the search for a user following his city.

A graph to detect the slightest fall

Position for each keyword with evolution

We show you the position of your site for each keyword. Choose the period of your choice to visualize, as a graph, the evolution of the ranking on this request.

We provide you with the maximum of information;)

More data

We show you the average position of each keyword (for the period of your choice). An evolution chart allows you to detect each fall or progression in your ranking.

You can display the details of the URLs that are positioned for each keyword, very useful to detect if a search engine does not set the correct URL.

We also indicate the search volume (information from Google), which we update monthly.

Curves for the period of your choice

Compare your stats with the competition

You can compare your average position, visibility, the number of keywords in TOP1, TOP3 or TOP1.

You can track down as many competitors, without extra cost.

For each keyword

Compare the positions of your site and competitors

You can show and hide the information of your choice and change the order of the elements. Each user to his own needs, adapt our interface to display the necessary information!

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To quickly find the information you want

Alerts and filters

You can filter your positions and save your own filters. Display as in the example positions in TOP10 with a progression of at least one place or display all keywords that have suffered a sharp decline of at least 10 places.

Practical, you can save and personalize your filters, and create an email alert to receive this information every day in your email.

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