SEO tool - tracking the positions of your sites and competitors

Track your sites and competitors daily on many search engines.

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Track your sites and track your competitors to improve your positioning

Monitorank offers you accurate and optimal daily keyword tracking on multiple search engines. Track your sites and all your competitors on Google (search, news, images, videos) but also your videos / channels on YouTube, your store on Amazon and your apps on the Play Store.

Even if you do not come every day;)

Follow the daily positions of your sites and competitors

Track the positions of your sites and competitors at no extra cost, choose the period of your choice and detect any changes, filter and analyze your data easily.

It's not just Google in the SERPs

Of many engines supported

You can follow the keywords of your choice on several engines: Google (Search, Images, Videos, Maps), but also YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Baidu and much more!

We track everything, really everything

We are all recovering the types of positions

We show you your positions for all types of positions: natural results, zero position, PAA, Adwords, Google Maps blocks and videos etc. Graphs show you the evolution for each type.

For everyone to find his account

An interface customizable

You can show and hide the information of your choice and change the order of the elements. Each user to his own needs, adapt our interface to display the necessary information!

No additional cost

A Google Data Studio API and connector

Use our API or the official Google Data Studio connector to integrate your data into your tools and generate customizable exports.

They talk about Monitorank
Julien Ringard

« More than a positioning tool, a customer experience for a clear and precise follow-up. »

Julien Ringard
Associate Director & SEO Consultant, Digimood
Justine Flesch

« An intuitive interface tool that handles a large amount of data, enabling fast, relevant analysis and exceptional customer service. »

Justine Flesch
SEO Production Manager, Vanksen
Alexandre Thuriot

« With Monitorank, no evolutions on your keywords will escape you! It is the most complete tool to analyze all the specificities of the SERP or the changes in your competitors. »

Alexandre Thuriot
SEO Architect, M6 Digital Services
Emmanuel de Vauxmoret

« We chose Monitorank for the plurality of features. Leader in the SEO market, Eskimoz decided to collaborate with an agile and responsive team! »

Emmanuel de Vauxmoret
General manager, Eskimoz
Matthieu Cocteau

« It alerts us of the emergence of competing sites but also modifications of the Serp on the requests that we follow. Add to that an extremely responsive and attentive team, this is why Monitorank is a must for the Fnac and Darty business. »

Matthieu Cocteau
Thibaut Kuntzmann

« The Monitorank tool is powerful, comprehensive and has a very good price / quality ratio. In case of problems, the customer service is responsive and takes into account customer feedback to improve the product. We advise it! »

Thibaut Kuntzmann
Acquisition Manager at Wonderbox, Wonderbox
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