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Discover the benefits of our affiliate program.

Discover our affiliate program

- Receive recurring payments and cash them at the first minimum level of 100 € HT (or every 3 months if you do not reach this amount)
- Receive payments up to twice a month
- The godchildren are anonymous in the eyes of their godfather and vice versa.

How does it work?

1. Join Monitorank
Subscribe for free to the tool
Login to your Monitorank account to view your affiliate space (Left menu> Affiliation).

2. Recruit your future referrals
Promote our solution on your sites, blog, social networks ...

3. Receive recurring commissions!
For each payment of a godchild receive 10% commission.
We will make a payment as soon as you have reached 100 € HT of jackpot.

Conditions to be met

- Only professionals are eligible for the affiliate program, professionals who are subject to VAT will have to inform us their intra-Community VAT number
- A bank account statement (RIB / IBAN) and an invoice will be asked to receive the payment of your commissions
- Any purchase of a Monitorank license disguised by a sponsor for its own account will not be counted in its affiliate account.
- It is forbidden to buy targeted advertising (SEA) on the brand Monitorank or any expression close to it.

Monitorank reserves the right to cancel any commission and cancel the Affiliate Program Sponsor if it attempts to violate these rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my bill include?
You must indicate your intra-Community VAT number if you are subject to VAT.
The amount of a request is HT. French professionals subject to VAT will have to add 20% VAT to the invoice.
Professionals from the European Union (outside France) or outside the European Union are not subject to VAT.

What is the lifetime of cookies?
We keep 60 days cookies.

If a godson has gone through several affiliate sites, who is responsible for the commission?
We pay the commission to the last affiliate site.

How do we receive our commissions?
As soon as the level of 100 € HT reached in your affiliate account you will be able to realize an invoice and send us a RIB.
The amount of the invoice will be sent to you by bank transfer.

What is the maximum amount I can apply for?
The maximum amount of a payment is 500 € HT.

How do I use the affiliate link with code?
A unique link is provided to you in your affiliation area. All visitors coming from this link will become your downline once their accounts are validated.
This link can be added to your social media posts or any other media. The referer method is recommended for adding links to your site (see below).

How to use the method by referer?
The method by referer allows our platform to detect the site from which visitors come. It is thus possible to know if a visitor who registers on our platform comes from one of your sites, without having to use the affiliate code.
This method is recommended if you have a site or a blog.

So you will have to enter your websites in your affiliate interface. It will be necessary to think of adding each subdomain. Our system will check if you are the administrator of this site.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our affiliate program.

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