Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Interface customizable

Do I have to install Monitorank on my computer?
No, Monitorank is a 100% SAAS solution. Thus we manage the proxies and updates directly online. You can access it on any browser and smartphone.

When are the positions of my keywords processed?
Your keywords will be processed a few seconds after their creations to display the position of the day. The keywords are processed daily from midnight.

How many results are provided for each keyword tracking?
For a keyword followed, we offer you the first 100 results of the Google SERP (or other services that we offer), appearing on this keyword. You will be able to study the SERP of each keyword for the period of your choice to detect each change.
It is also possible to follow the TOP 200, 300, 400 and 500 for Google Search.

More and more results on Google take into account the geolocation of the user. Does Monitorank allow this parameter to be taken into account?
You can follow on the tool the keywords of your choice with or without geolocation. It is thus possible to follow the keyword "cinema" for a Marseillais or a Lyonnais.
It is also possible to follow the keyword "cinema lyon", which is a different search for "cinema" for a Lyonnais.
We manage geolocation for more than 860,000 global cities.

My site does not appear in the results, what should I do?
When you want to follow your site we advise you to enter his domain (example: We will follow all domains / subdomains, HTTP / HTTPS version and of course all pages.
If you are sure that your site should appear in a result do not hesitate to contact us on the support.

I have questions about using the interface, what to do?
A 30-minute webinar is available, it allows you to have a presentation of the tool. If it does not answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact support or via online chat.

Accounts and access users

Can I manage multiple accounts for my clients?
Monitorank is multi-account. You will be able to create several Monitorank accounts using your access email. Thus, you can create an account per customer, and access to all.

Is there a limit on the number of users connected to the interface?
Monitorank is also multi-user ie a Monitorank account can be shared to multiple users. There is no limit in the number of connections or user access to an account. You can be connected simultaneously on computer and mobile for example.
You can share access from one account to another user with multiple privileges: super administrator, administrator, and read only.

Privacy data

If someone already follows the same keyword as me, do I benefit from their location history?
Our privacy policy prohibits the transmission of this data. Location History starts on the date you follow your keyword for the first time.
In addition, the same keyword for two different accounts will be processed independently (these are two totally different requests for our system).

Is my business and customer information kept confidential?
This information also remains strictly confidential and is stored on secure servers. Monitorank does not engage in any type of rental, sale and exchange of collected information or email addresses.

Imports and exports data

Can I import my keywords from another tool?
A keyword import system is in place in the tool. Just respect the format of the CSV file provided.

I do not want to lose my position history by coming to your place. Is it possible to import my positions (history)?
We can import your positions from your current tool if you provide them to us. We adapt our import scripts according to your files (CSV, XML ...). Please contact us for more information.

I no longer want to use Monitorank. Is it possible to recover my data?
You can export all your positions and keywords in CSV format via the interface. An API is also available. For you to stay with us, the only way is to provide you with a quality tool ;-).

Means of payments

What are the payment methods?
We offer three types of payments: by credit card with the secure system Monetico Paiement (Crédit Mutuel), via PayPal or prepaid account. For any payment by transfer, thank you for contacting us.

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