We recover all types of positions

Because it's not only natural results that count

Tracking of positions on several types of positions

We recover all the positions of a SERPs. The natural results of course, but also all other types of positions.

Of course.

Natural results

We retrieve the first 100 natural results for each keyword.

Or Featured snippet.

Zero position / P0

We collect the P0 of your site every day. With the help of our evolution graphs, you can see for each keyword the loss of P0 over time.

Questions and answers

People Also Ask / PAA

We retrieve the first 4 AAPs of each SERP and detect if your site or your competitors are positioned.

Positioning yourself on the SERPs using videos

Video blocks

We detect if your site is positioned in the Videos block, usually located at the top of the search results.

Images, News, Maps, Ads

And much more

We retrieve other types of results. You can track your Google Maps/Google My Business listing, your site in the News block and detect sites that advertise on Adwords.

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